Hiker Rescued Sleeping Giant Trail

71-Year-Old Hiker Rescued from Sleeping Giant Trail

On Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 the Kauai Fire Department successfully rescued a 71-year-old female visitor from California after she sustained a leg injury while hiking the Nounou East Trail, also known as the Sleeping Giant Trail, in Wailua.

The incident was reported to first responders shortly before 10:30 a.m., prompting personnel from the Kapa‘a Fire Station and Rescue 3, who arrived via Air 1, to respond swiftly.

Upon arrival, responders found the injured hiker near the top of the Sleeping Giant Trail. They immediately stabilized her leg using a splint and secured her with an air rescue vest. Utilizing a short-haul technique, the rescue team transported her via Air 1 to a landing zone at Wailua Houselots Park, where additional firefighters and AMR personnel were waiting. AMR personnel continued medical treatment on the scene before transporting the hiker to Wilcox Medical Center for further care.

Kauai’s Sleeping Giant Trail, located near the population centers of Wailua, Kapaa and Lihue, is a popular trail with both local residents and visitors to the island. At the top of the trail is a commanding view of eastern Kauai. Though considered a relatively easy trail, the trail does become more difficult near the top. Kauai Magazine recommends visitors to the Sleeping Giant Trail go only as far as they feel safe based on their physical conditions, as well as other conditions such as the weather.