Kauai Magazine Summer 2024

Kauai Magazine – Summer 2024 Issue

Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue

Welcome to the Summer 2024 issue of Kauai Magazine, where we take you behind the scenes on Kauai with our expert and in-depth knowledge of the island. In this issue we stop by Talk Story Bookstore in Hanapepe, explore the spiritual Kauai Hindu Monastery and Sacred Rudraksha Forest, report on adventurer Kyle Shram’s budget-friendly visit to the island, list the 49-best free activities on Kauai and much more! Available for download in PDF format.

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6 / Talk Story Bookstore

Celebrating Two Decades of Storytelling: Talk Story Bookstore Marks 20 Years in Hanapepe.

12 / Kauai Hindu Monastery

Be prepared to be enveloped by an atmosphere of peace, beauty and spiritual depth.

16 / Sacred Rudraksha Forest

A sanctuary for both spiritual seekers and nature enthusiasts.

20 / Pakala Beach

Pakala Beach on Kauai’s West Side offers a quiet escape with excellent surfing conditions and scenic views.

22 / Island Inspirations

The remarkable artistic journey of Steven Mana Trink.

26 / Kauai on a Dime

Adventurer Kyle Schram’s Budget-Friendly Getaway to Kauai.

28 / Waimea Plantation Cottages

Experience timeless charm at an authentic Hawaiian escape.

32 / The Frogs of Hanakapiai Beach

A closer look at Hanakapiai Beach reveals an eco-system teeming with cane frogs.

34 / Illuminating the Past

Discovering the fascinating story of the Japanese Stone Lantern in Kapaa.

38 / Best Free Activities on Kauai

Though there are many exciting paid activities on Kauai, ultimately the best activities on Kauai are free.

44 / Kong Lung Market Center

Where history and shopping merge.

48 / Photo Gallery: 43rd Annual Pine Trees Longboard Classic

Photos by Agata Nowicki.

54 / Beachrail Lines

An unexpected haven for hobbyists seeking unique finds and collectibles.

56 / The Sacredness of Kauai

Krista Xiomara explores her profound connection with the spiritual and natural beauty of Kauai.

60 / Kauai: The Garden Island

Kauai’s stunning range of natural attributes, from pristine beaches to epic mountain peaks, offers visitors a multitude of options for adventure, relaxation and rejuvenation.

66 / Planning Your Kauai Vacation

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your island getaway.


Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue PreviewKauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue Preview Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue Preview Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue Preview Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue Preview Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue Preview Kauai Magazine Summer 2024 Issue Preview