VIDEO: Kauai Mountain Tubing Adventure Overview

The Kauai Mountain Tubing adventure is one of the most popular activities on Kauai. In this video we provide a glimpse of what you can expect on this unique and wonderful activity.

Video Highlights

  • 0:00: Checking in at Kauai Backcountry Adventures HQ in Lihue.
  • 0:04: Departing
  • 0:06: Scenic drive to the activity.
  • 0:28: Mt. Waialeale Scenic Overlook
  • 0:33: Arriving at launch point
  • 0:35: Getting in the water
  • 1:11: Going into one of the five tunnels
  • 1:27: Tour guide half-jokingly says you can use the wet red Kauai dirt on the sides of the canal for a free facial.
  • 1:33: One of the faster sections of the canal.
  • 1:47: Picnic lunch
  • 1:57: Ride back

For more on the Kauai Mountain Tubing adventure, see our article in the April 2023 Issue of Kauai Magazine Cool Runnings – Kauai Mountain Tubing Adventure.