Kauai Rainfall Totals

8 Rain Gauges on Kauai Recorded Over 10 Inches of Rain

April 16, 2024

A strong low pressure system northwest of Hawaii brought a band of heavy rain and thunderstorms across Kauai on April 11-12, 2024, reports the National Weather Service. While light rain began during the day on Thursday (April 11th), the most intense period of rain occurred in the 12-hour period between 6pm Thursday and 6am Friday.

Though the North Shore traditionally receives more rain on average, multiple rain gages located in south and east Kauai recorded the heaviest rain totals (chart below).

There were several evacuations in the Wailua and Koloa area and multiple roads were closed across the islands due to flooding and landslides. In Wailua, which received more than 11-inches of rain, a crane that fell due to the heavy rain and flooding damaged a portion of the southbound side of the Wailua Bridge. Crews are still working to upright the crane and to remove storm debris from under and around the bridge.

The following are automated rain gage totals for the 12-hour period ending at 6am on April 12th. All amounts are in inches. These totals are considered preliminary for informational purposes only.


Kalaheo: 12.51
Lihue Var. Stn.: 12.46
N Wailua Ditch: 12.05
Lihue Airport: 11.80
Omao: 11.35
Wailua: 11.26
Poipu: 10.59
Kapahi: 10.00
Waiahi Rain Gage: 9.63
Anahola: 9.54
Mount Waialeale: 9.40
Moloaa Dairy: 8.91
Port Allen: 8.60
Waimea Tank: 6.40
Waimea Heights: 5.91
Princeville Airport: 5.77
Hanalei: 5.04
Mohihi Crossing: 4.50
Puu Opae: 4.26
Puu Lua: 4.18
Mana: 4.12
Waialae: 3.91
Waiakoali: 3.90
Kilohana: 3.75
Wainiha: 3.48
Makaha Ridge: 3.19

Below is a radar image for the 12-hour period ending at 6am, Friday, April 12th, 2024 showing cumulative rainfall in inches (color scale on the right).

Kauai Rainfall Totals

CREDIT: National Weather Service