Cannons Beach Kauai

Cannons Beach

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful stroll on the beach, or you’re an expert surfer chasing the perfect wave, Cannons Beach beckons a visit.
  • Region: North Shore
  • Best for beachcombing and a walk on the beach, and for expert surfers.
  • Lightly-visited beach provides serenity and solitude among the crashing waves and tropical backdrop.
  • Accessibility: Cannons Beach is connected to Haena Beach Park, where parking can be found.
  • Lifeguards (at adjacent Haena Beach Park, but they do not have a sightline of the beach).
  • Restrooms and outdoor showers (at adjacent Haena Beach Park).
  • Map: Google Maps

Situated on the North Shore of Kauai, Cannons Beach is a hidden gem that promises tranquility and adventure. This secluded beach, situated just around the corner from the popular Haena Beach Park and Tunnels Beach, offers a peaceful retreat with stunning natural beauty and thrilling surf conditions. Whether you’re an expert surfer or a beachcomber in search of a peaceful stroll, Cannons Beach is a destination that beckons a visit.

Cannons Beach Kauai
Cannons Beach is in the middle of the photo. Haena Beach and Tunnels Beach can be seen at the top of the photo. Ke’e Beach begins near the bottom right of the photo.

Cannons Beach begins where Haena Beach ends, at the rocky outcropping (on the left end of Haena Beach) that serves as a natural boundary between these two beautiful beaches. This rocky area is not just a natural marker, but a beacon for the curious, offering a habitat for small fish and a vantage point with breathtaking views of Maniniholo Bay and the famed Tunnels Beach. Venturing beyond these rocks reveals the true allure of Cannons Beach – a serene, half-mile stretch of sand that feels worlds away from the more frequented spots on Kauai. Walk the distance and you will find yourself at the grand Ke’e Beach!

Cannons Beach Kauai

While the beach itself boasts an exotic backdrop of lush tropical vegetation and the dramatic silhouette of Bali Hai, it’s the surf that truly defines Cannons Beach. Known for its powerful waves, this spot is revered among expert surfers, including local surf legend Bethany Hamilton who has described the surf experience as akin to being shot out of a cannon.

However, the strong currents and substantial waves, especially during the winter months, make Cannons Beach unsuitable for swimming. Visitors are advised to admire the powerful ocean from the beach, leaving the water to expert surfers who are familiar with local surfing conditions.

What makes Cannons Beach truly special is its capacity for solitude. Despite its beauty and the thrilling surf it offers, the beach remains lightly-visited, providing a sense of seclusion that is rare on the popular North Shore. It’s not uncommon to find the beach deserted, save for the occasional footprints in the sand left by fellow explorers who ventured out from Haena Beach. This sense of undiscovered territory makes Cannons Beach a valuable find for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of Kauai’s natural landscapes.

Cannons Beach is accessible via Haena Beach Park, where parking is available but known to fill up quickly during the day due to the popularity of the area’s beaches. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon to secure parking and enjoy the beach at its most serene. A short walk from the parking area, past the amenities of Haena Beach Park, leads to the beach.

Cannons Beach Kauai

This strip of sand, set against a backdrop of green mountains and palm trees, may not boast the facilities of its neighboring beaches, but its unspoiled beauty and the excitement of its surf make it a unique spot on Kauai’s North Shore. Whether you’re there to catch the perfect wave or simply to soak in the peaceful atmosphere, Cannons Beach offers an experience that is both exhilarating and deeply calming.