Lifeguard hours extended at Kauai beaches.

Lifeguard Hours Extended at Kauai Beaches Starting May 1st

As summer approaches on Kauai, beach safety remains a top priority for local officials. In a move aimed at reducing aquatic injuries and ensuring the well-being of beachgoers, the Ocean Safety Bureau has announced a significant extension in the hours of operation at lifeguarded beaches across the island.

Starting May 1st, 2024, lifeguard coverage will be extended to a full ten hours, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., marking a proactive step towards beach safety on Kauai. Chief Kalani Vierra of the Ocean Safety Bureau emphasized the critical importance of these extended hours, stating: “To reduce the number of drownings and aquatic injuries across our island, these extended hours of coverage will enhance the safety of our residents and visitors who frequent our beautiful beaches.”

Kauai takes the lead as the first county to implement such comprehensive coverage, thanks in part to the approval of 12 full-time positions by Mayor Kawakami. Chief Vierra expressed gratitude for the mayor’s support, adding that “this transition comes at a good time as our days are getting longer and summer months are almost here.”

The decision to extend lifeguard hours comes at an opportune moment as the island prepares for longer days and an influx of beach activity during the summer months. It underscores a proactive approach to safety, ensuring that beachgoers can enjoy the island’s natural wonders with peace of mind.

For those seeking up-to-date information on ocean conditions and safety protocols, a variety of resources are available. Beach patrons are encouraged to consult with lifeguards stationed at any lifeguard station, visit the dedicated website, or contact the Ocean Safety Bureau directly at 808-241-4984.

Kauai Beaches with Lifeguards

For the safest beach experience, beachgoers are encouraged to visit the following Kauai beaches that have lifeguards (clockwise from the North Shore):

Ke’e Beach
Haena Beach (with adjoining Tunnels Beach)
Hanalei Beach
Anini Beach
Anahola Beach
Kealia Beach
Lydgate Beach
Poipu Beach
Salt Pond Beach
Kekaha Beach

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