Old Koloa Sugar Mill

Old Koloa Sugar Mill Kauai

Journey into the past at the abandoned Old Koloa Sugar Mill, where rusted machinery and crumbling structures tell tales of bygone days.
  • Region: South Shore/Old Koloa Town
  • See the massive sugar mill from behind a fence.
  • Sugar mill was featured as a set location for the movie Hobbs & Shaw.
  • Map: Google Maps

Looming large over the landscape east of Old Koloa Town, this abandoned sugar mill was recently featured as a set location for the 2019 Fast & Furious spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw. The Sugar Mill of Koloa (not to be confused with the remains of an older sugar mill located in central Koloa) was built in 1912 and abandoned in 1996.

Old Koloa Sugar Mill Kauai

The property (and much of the surrounding area) is owned by Stephen Case of AOL fame. A fence surrounds the property and access is prohibited. You can go up to the fence to see the rusting structure that is being overgrown with vegetation. Several rusting vehicles can also be seen on the property. The sugar mill can be found down a dirt road near Kauai ATV.

Koloa Sugar Mill