Puu O Kila Lookout

Road to Pu’u O Kila Lookout is Closed

The road to the Pu’u O Kila Lookout in Kokee State Park is closed to vehicular traffic due to road repairs that began March 19th, 2024, reports the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). A gate now blocks vehicular access, but the road and the lookout are still accessible by pedestrians. Parking is available at the Kalalau lookout.

The closure has implications for both the lookout and two popular trails in the area, the Pihea Trail and the adjoining Alakai Swamp Trail. The closure adds one-mile each way (two-miles round trip) for hikers on these trails.

The Pu’u O Kila Lookout is located at the end of the road one-mile past the more popular Kalalau Lookout. Our recommendation is if you are just sightseeing in a vehicle (and not a hiker), the two-mile round trip by foot is not really worth the walk as you can get very similar views from the Kalalau Lookout.

A very wet and damp area of Kauai, the road has fallen into disrepair in recent years. We do not have a timeline for when the repairs will be completed but will keep you updated as more information becomes available.